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Power and Public Spheres | Citizen's Victory Movement

In depth analysis of the Citizens Victory Movement a new Puerto Rican political party founded in 2019.

Since the first gubernatorial general elections were held back in 1948, Puerto Rican politics has been led by individuals from one of two parties, the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) and the New Progressive Party (PNP). For over 70 years these two parties have dominated Puerto Rican politics on the island and as a result, have created a politically hegemonic public sphere that has left little room for alternative political ideologies outside of the continuous bipartisan tug-of-war. Up until recently and due in part to the worsening socioeconomic conditions on the island and the continued mismanagement and corruption from these two parties this status quo has begun to show signs of weakness thanks to the efforts of a new political party by the name of the Citizen’s Victory Movement (MVC). The Citizens Victory Movement seeks to infiltrate and dismantle the politically dominant hegemonic public sphere created by the PPD and PNP through its efforts as an agnostic pluralist, anti-neoliberal productivist counterpublic.   

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