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Marketing the Creative Industries | Magic School Bus Interactive Exhibit

Resurfaced expired intellectual property related to the Magic School Bus television show to develop new content and a corresponding marketing campaign for a new Magic School Bus Interactive Exhibit.

Our reboot idea is titled “The Magic School Bus: Travel Inside the Human Body.” It is a real life experience of the show’s adventures that would allow consumers to dive into The Magic School Bus universe and interact with characters and science. Our vision is to employ a moving exhibition business model, where our experience would partner with venues of large space or museums like the Boston Science Museum. This interactive exhibit would start at one point on a bus inside the exhibit, allowing consumers to feel as though they are going on this adventure with Ms. Frizzle and the rest of the gang. As they step out, they will head into the rest of the exhibit in an order that will act as a familiar educational episode of the show. Through each point, there will be interactive elements like VR games or touchable items that will act as stations that our audience will move through until the end of the exhibit.

Project Gallery

Check out these project deliverables and more by clicking below.

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